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[01 Feb 2005|06:32pm]

I'm here to pimp my new community;

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[02 Nov 2004|06:31pm]



1. You must friend me in order to see the graphics or to place a request. I get to choose if I 'friend' you or not, so don't think it's automatic. (Don't be discouraged, I'm eager to friend everyone.)
2. Please, if you take a graphic (Icon, blend, ect) please credit me. I'd prefer it to be in your info.
3. No flaming, if you don't like my work or someone else's opinion I don't care. Be nice.
4. I do take requests, but they must supplied with the picture and detailed. I want to do the best I can, for you.
5. Rick is one of my favorite characters, and I find it annoying when people constantly bash him. While I'm glad to hear your opinions when you comment on my work, please keep the, 'I hate Rick' comments to yourself.
6. Enjoy what I have to offer. I am trying my best to make this a successful journal, so tell your friends to join!</center>

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